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Central Illinois Wrestling Alliance
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Hershal Savage here sitting down with the man known as X-celerator. A couple of questions X.
Hershal Savage:Do you think that you will continue with singles wrestling or are you looking towards any tag team wrestling?
X-celerator: Singles wrestling really seems to be my strongest point.
Hershal Savage: Ok, next, who do you think is your toughest opponet?
X-celerator: No One, I will destroy everyone.
Hershal Savage: You seem confident in that response.
Hershal Savage: Finally, what is your #1 goal in CIWA for remaining of 2006 season?
X-celerator: Win the CIWA championship.


I'm Hershal Savage and sitting down with Dare Devil to ask him a couple question.
Hershal Savage: Who was your inspiration to start wrestling?
Dare Devil: Most likely the Hardy Boyz, Triple H and RVD.
Hershal Savage: Who do you feel is your toughest foe in CIWA?
Dare Devil: Myself. Overcoming all my obstacles in training, in ring tactics, and mind frame is the most difficult part. There isn't anyone I can't defeat on any day.
Hershal Savage: That's kind of cocky to say don't you think?
Dare Devil: I'm just being honest in saying I am confident in my wrestling abilities.
Hershal Savage:What do you think is your #1 goal in CIWA for 2006?
Dare Devil: Win the CIWA Championship and show everyone that I'm here to be the best and no less.
Hershal Savage: Thank you very much Dare Devil and hopefully we will be able to sit down with some of the other CIWA wrestlers soon!

Hershal Savage here again and I sat down with some of the CIWA wrestlers to ask them some questions about Right to Fight:Tournament of Champions 2006.
Who is the Toughest opponet you think you will face(or possibly face) in the tournament?
Adam Angel- X-celerator
Wayne Shocker- X-celerator
Bobby Dynomite- Biff Webster
Dare Devil- Adam Angel
X-celerator- Biff Webster
What do you think will be the most competetive match in the first round?
Adam Angel- Dare Devil vs Adam Angel
Wayne Shocker- X-celerator vs Spider
X-celerator- Dare Devil vs Adam Angel
Dare Devil- Dare Devil vs Adam Angel
Bobby D- Dare Devil vs Adam Angel

CIWA 2006