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Central Illinois Wrestling Alliance
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Dare Devil
Jade Shocker
Wayne Shocker
Adam Angel
Lone Wolf
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Opening Day

Despite a valiant effort from Spider he came up short when he lost to Anarchy at RTF 06'

Adam Angel broke X-celerator's rib in the match and suffered from a ruptured ear ear as well as spreading crimson all over the ring from the cheap chair shots by X before the match started, but cam up short when he fell victim to the Overdrive.

Even having a broken rip, X-celerator still competed against Anarchy for the #1 Contendership to the CIWA Heavyweight Title. The two men brutalized each other but the one man that came out on top was X-celerator. Showing ring awareness at all times, X-celerator was able to hit an Overdrive to secure the victory.
In the main event it was Dare Devil and Wayne Shocker in a 2 of 3 falls match for the CIWA Heavyweight Championship. Dare Devil took the first fall after hitting a Falcon Aroow to set up for the 450 Splash that got him the 1-2-3. Shocker was able to get the 2nd fall when he hit an inverted reverse Bling Bling, followed by a Big Elbow Drop. both men were exausted from hitting high impact moves, springboards, reversal, high planchas, u name it these men were pulling out their A game. But it was Wayne Shocker that cam out on top when he caught Dare Devil when he was going for a springboard rana, reversing it into a double powerbomb then pulling him up to hit the Splash Mountain Bomb to get the 1-2-3. Showing respect for each other and the CIWA title they shook hands before and after the match.